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The birds are singing, the world is warming, and many people find that it’s the perfect time to partake in a little spring cleaning. Spring cleaning, however, doesn’t have to be about simply ditching unwanted items. In many cases, spring cleaning can be done with an attitude of charity in mind.

Cleaning Out Unused Clothing

Most people have clothing at the back of their closets that they never actually wear and there are plenty of people in need who would love to have that clothing. From prom dresses and other special occasion outfits, donating unwanted clothes to charity is a great way for people to feel good about cleaning out their cluttered closets.

Checking the Pantry

It’s not hard to accidentally buy things that are never eaten. A sale leads to large purchases of an item that turns out to be less desirable than originally anticipated. Some items simply gather dust in the back of the pantry after being purchased for a dish that was never prepared. Those items are the ideal ones to donate. Organizing the pantry and getting rid of items that there are too many of can also make it easier to see what’s really there and donating the excess avoids waste.

Clearing the Bookshelves

Most homes contain toys that have been outgrown or that are no longer wanted, books that have been read once and won’t be reread, and movies and games that are no longer desired. When those items are in good shape, donating them is a great way to give someone else enjoyment.

Knowing What to Donate

It’s important to know what items are worth donating and which ones should be simply thrown away. Expired food, broken items, or items that are no longer in good condition should be tossed in the trash without guilt. Items that are in need of repair should be repaired before being donated. Items that are in good shape, on the other hand, can go straight in the donation bin.

Cleaning out the closets and getting rid of unwanted items is an important part of the spring cleaning process. This year, many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to donate to charity and with good reason. Charitable donations make it possible for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy many benefits to appreciate items that are no longer wanted and spring cleaning is the perfect time to find them.