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Getting involved in charity is important for everyone who has the opportunity to do.  Helping out your fellow neighbor and working to improve your community should be done throughout your life, starting from a young age. There are many benefits of volunteering that go beyond helping a cause or making a change for better. It’s important to begin volunteering in childhood:

Builds New Friendships

When you volunteer, it creates a strong sense of community. Working together for one cause can bind people together and create strong friendships.  Sometimes kids can have trouble making friends and getting involved in volunteering can help them make new ones. By finding volunteer programs such as river cleanups, kids have the opportunity to meet many kids their own age to build strong and lasting friendships. 

Become a Role Model

It is never too early for a child to learn leadership skills. Volunteering and getting involved in charitable programs in their community can help them develop strong leadership skills and become a role model. Children who volunteer learn to take action at a very young age and can help get other children to volunteer as well. Charitable activities like feeding the homeless are great for showing them how much impact they can have and encourage them to take the lead on doing more acts of good. 

Learning Responsibility 

One of the greatest benefits a child can learn from volunteering is responsibility. By volunteering, children will learn to make a commitment and stick to it. They enter a charitable program knowing what difference they are trying to make and what it takes to make it happen. They will work hard to get the job done and feel proud of their results. Kids also learn to feel responsible for their community when they try to improve it.

A Little Goes a Long Way

When children are little, they aren’t aware of the realities of the world. While they may have a trunk full of toys, they don’t understand there is a child with none.  Volunteering is a great and effective way of introducing these realities into their world without it being too overwhelming. By a kid giving one of their toys to another child in need to make them happy, it shows them that a little can go a long way. One by donating food can help feed someone who is less fortunate. By doing these little things for the good of others, it teaches children the large impact they can make just by one simple act of good.