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It can be daunting trying to figure out where exactly to focus your efforts for social good. There are a massive amount of non-profit organizations that serve as the top leader in getting aid to animals, protecting the environment, and cleaning up our planet’s oceans!  This article intends to highlight several notable non-profits that have proven themselves as viable stewards of the planet and the environment. Consider joining these nonprofit companies to help their efforts! This group, named after the maximum level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, is primarily focused on combating climate change.

Earth Policy Institute. Lester Brown’s Washington, D.C.-based organization focuses on global issues involving the environment and social movements. It also offers authoritative, peer-reviewed reports.

Friends of the Earth. This organization and lobbying group seeks to shine a spotlight on corruption and waste as deep as the local level.

The Natural Resources Defense Council. NRDC seeks to apply law, science and activism efforts to vie for clean energy, the protection of endangered species and restoring the planet’s oceans.

Pew Charitable Trusts. This organization has an environmental branch that focuses on issues regarding the ocean, the land and energy usage.

The Sierra Club. Established back in 1892, this is one of the most venerated environmental organizations in the country. Its website serves as a meeting place for people to pursue environmental activism covering a variety of issues.

The Union of Concerned Scientists. This organization only uses scientific analysis to advance responsible government policies, corporate oversight and consumer awareness. UCS’ work can be seen in bettering standards for fuel-efficiency and renewable energies within the United States.

Environment Defense. While originally known as the “Environmental Defense Fund,” this ground was founded after a lawsuit suing the government for promoting DDT. Environmental Defense is a 400,000 member organization with active interests in many environmental issues, both aquatic and terrestrial.

Greenpeace. This group is responsible for the “Save the Whales” campaign and is interested in killing the whaling industry, preserving sea life and safeguarding the ocean from pollution.

The Humane Society. This is the largest American organization with a focus on protecting animals. Its efforts include stopping Canadian seal hunting and teaching that dolphins and whales should live wild, rather than captive at zoos and theme parks.