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It can sometimes be difficult for a small business to be philanthropic. If you are just starting out as a small business, charitable efforts may be the last thing on your mind. Surprisingly, small to medium-sized businesses give more to charitable organizations than their corporation-sized counterparts. There is a lot to be said about small businesses giving to charity. This article will explain some of the benefits of giving to charitable organizations and how as a small business, you can do just that.


Building A Reputation


Customers want to see businesses giving back to the community. If a business was to give to a charitable organization, then customers are more likely to support that business in return. Building relationships with the community and your customers will keep them coming back and form lasting connections.


Small businesses should aim their charitable efforts towards local organizations. This strategy will show that you are invested in the local community and the organizations that are within it. Investing in local organizations is just another way to solidify relationships with the local community and create mutually beneficial relationships.




Philanthropic efforts could provide you with opportunities to meet and associate with high-level business professionals. Connections with other business professionals is an invaluable resource, especially for a small business. The charitable efforts you put forth could show other business professionals that you care about the community and that you know how to get things done. Philanthropy should always be an ideal for any business.


Hold an Event


Organizing an event is a great way to create funds for a charitable organization. There are all kinds of different events you can organize. A 5K race, golf marathon, donation match drive, one-day online fundraiser, and maybe a fitness challenge are a few options a small business can quickly put together.


Portion of Profits


Another creative way to donate to charitable organizations is to donate a small portion of the day’s profits. This model works better for businesses that sell items right from their store. Create a social media event and spread it around to let your customers know that ten percent of the day’s profits will go to a charitable organization.


Cash Donation


The quickest and most cost-effective way to donate to a charity is through an individual donation. Write a check for a charitable organization and send it. They will be appreciative of the effort you put forth!