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Philanthropy is the want to improve the lives of others. Many philanthropists do this by contributing to charitable organizations they feel are most important.

But in the world of philanthropy, it can sometimes be tough to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and organizations. Below are five blogs that will help philanthropists stay up-to-date, as well as supply people with information about how they can get involved in philanthropy.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

This publication is well-known for being a philanthropy magazine. The Chronicle of Philanthropy also publishes a blog that provides daily content. In addition to the magazine and daily blog posts, The Chronicle of Philanthropy also publishes an annual report that gives philanthropists insight into the year’s trends. The Chronicle of Philanthropy is most known for providing information on all aspects of philanthropy at an extremely fast rate.

NonProfit Quarterly

Similarly to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, this publication provides information on a variety of different philanthropic topics. NonProfit Quarterly also produces webinars and case studies for philanthropists to find out more about the impact of philanthropy.

The NonProfit Times

On top of providing at least one article daily, The NonProfit Times provides its readers with reports on various philanthropic topics. The “Tips” section of the publication gives the opportunity for employees in nonprofit organizations to learn about the difference they make in their local communities. The NonProfit Times offers advice on how to improve the impact of philanthropy and ultimately reach your goal as a philanthropist.

Beth’s Blog

Beth Kanter, the author of Beth’s Blog, was deemed one of the most influential women in the tech space by Fast Company Magazine. Her blog is not only one of the oldest philanthropic blogs but is also one of the most popular to date. Beth has worked in nonprofits for more than three decades and uses her strong experience to give readers powerful insights.

Third Sector

For an international audience, the Third Sector is one of Great Britain’s most prominent philanthropic blogs. Not only are articles published daily, but a monthly magazine is published as well. The content of Third Sector covers everything related to philanthropy.

Closing Thoughts

There’s no shortage of philanthropic news on the internet. Whether readers prefer to gain insight from a nonprofit professional of over thirty years, or a traditional publication, there’s a blog for every philanthropist out there.